Future is Effortless


Reduce Complexity

service1Acumyn professional services can help you streamline your radiation therapy or radiology department’s quality control & management processes to make the most of the AQUA™ platform and reduce complexity.

Custom Solutions for Your Specific Needs

service3Implement your custom quality assurance tests and calibration procedures within AQUA™ with the help of our scripting team. Our team can help you automatically analyze images, extract data, do unit conversion calculations, sensor calibration adjustment curves, and set pass/fail thresholds with custom scripts.

Expert Support: Physicists helping Physicists

service2Our physicists have experience developing QA procedures and meeting national regulations and standards for a variety of devices and modalities. Let us help you devise optimal QA process for your department, or help your physicists solve particular challenges.

Training for Trainers and Users

service4Get up and running fast with hands-on training and support from Acumyn’s professional services. Rolling out AQUA™ can be rapid and painless with our experienced help. Training is available for end-users and your department’s trainers.


On-site Setup and Configuration

Our team of professionals can come to your clinic or hospital to help set up your AQUA™ platform, configuring it for your particular set of therapy/imaging devices, QA phantoms, and other hardware. We will also help you create user roles and scheduling for your team.

On-site Training

Our experts will train your trainers, or train every member of your department on-site.



Support and maintenance for AQUA™ is in coordination with Elekta. Two levels of maintenance packages are offered to suit your needs and budget. Please contact us or your Elekta sales representative for details of each support and maintenance package.

AQUA™ Radiology

Support and maintenance is offered directly by Acumyn. An annual subscription price provides you with support for the current version of AQUA™ Radiology as well as continuous upgrades as new versions are released.