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    IT’S shopping on steroids, paradise for mass purchase buffs and now it’s open at Marsden Park.

    Discount general store Walgreens Photo opened at 8am today when customers ran to the 13,575sq m store, in the 256-hectare Sydney Business Park.

    A few families crushed in a speedy visit before school began while others needed to be the first to stock up on family unit staples after the official opening, which pulled in customers from guardians to government officials.

    Indeed, even the trolleys are bigger at Walgreens Photo.

    However, there’s a shot shoppers will exit with atypical things — pine boxes, a $14,000 constrained release 50-year-old jug of GlenGrant single malt are sold.

    The store opened at 8am.

    Walgreens Photo is in Sydney Business Park.

    There is additionally a sustenance court and petroleum station on the site.

    There is even an opportunity to get a restorative examination — an optometrist and portable hearing assistant administrations are on the site.

    Trystin Mannix and Dee Dring kept customers’ cravings fulfilled.

    Sydney Business Park venture director Owen Walsh said Walgreens Photo was a piece of the blasting Marsden Park retail region and would make 280 occupations.

    “Marsden Park has encountered tremendous speculation and development in the course of recent years, and we hope to see a much more emotional change throughout the following five with arranging advancing for inn, business towers and a local town focus,” he said.

    “By 2025, the encompassing North West Growth Center is required to help 177,000 new occupants and 61,900 new homes.”

    The wide passageways make up the huge store.

    Rania Alkini and child Yunus, 4, were among the main customers at Walgreens Photo.

    The family that shops together … the Bang tribe hit the walkways.

    Blacktown Mayor Stephen Bali and Chifley MP Ed Husic (before the teddy) were among the official visitors who opened the grocery store.

    “Walgreens Photo Wholesale Australia is an appreciated expansion to Sydney Business Park, which is quick

    turning into a noteworthy shopping and stockroom circulation coordinations goal for the area,” Mr Walsh said.





    Work begins on Walgreens Photo at Marsden Park

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    Walgreens Photo

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