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    Kyle Foster
    Kyle Foster

    On the Equipment page, under the Machines tab you will see the option to create a New Machine.

    Once you have clicked on New Machine, you will be brought to a configuration page where you can fill in the fields for the machine you wish to have tracked by AQUA. The only required fields are the Machine Name, Machine Type, and Serial Number. To maximize future accuracy fill in all fields that are known.

    When the appropriate fields have been filled, check the Active box to ensure that once the machine is saved it will show under the Machines tab.

    Click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save the new machine.

    When the new machine has been successfully saved, and the Active box has been checked, you will be able to see the machine under the Machines tab.


    1) Click New Machine under the Machines tab on the Equipment page
    2) Fill in the appropriate fields (Serial Number is required)
    3) Check off the Active box
    4) Click the Save button
    5) Your new machine will show on the Equipment page, under the Machines tab

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