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    Kyle Foster
    Kyle Foster

    While there are many ways to manage the machine QC program in a radiotherapy department, AQUA hold some distinct advantages over some existing solutions. One such solution is QATrack+, which offers custom tests, test scheduling and a repository for machine QC data. AQUA also offers these features and holds some distinct advantages over QATrack+

    1. Elekta linac connectivity
    • AQUA has the ability to send QC beam prescriptions directly to Elekta linacs in clinical receiving mode via the iCom port. This process by-passes the usual R&V system to streamline workflows.

    2. Third party device connectivity
    • AQUA can interface with several existing measurement devices to import test results or send commands to the device:
    – Sun Nuclear DQA3 (import test results)
    – Sun Nuclear ICProfiler (parse output files)
    – Standard Imaging BeamCheckerPlus (import test results)
    – PTW Unidos WEBLINE electrometer (send commands, receive measurement results)
    – Interfaces with other devices in development

    3. Built in automated image analysis tests
    • MLC Leaf and Jaw Position
    • Collimator Isocenter Runout
    • Gantry Isocenter Runout
    • Couch Isocenter Runout
    • More image based tests being developed

    4. Complete QC device inventory
    • Define all QC devices in AQUA (ion chambers, electrometers, survey meters, daily beam QC devices, etc.)
    • Associate reference data with the devices for automatic use in QC test runs

    5. Event logging and notifications
    • Set up email notifications for machine events and calibration expiry warnings

    6. Ongoing support
    • Full software support from a dedicated development team

    7. Rigorous software quality control
    • Acumyn follows strict development procedures and standards to ensure high quality software with ongoing quality improvement
    • Regular releases and updates to AQUA

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