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AQUA™ Radiology is a web-based enterprise software to manage your QA programs for various modalities. It helps your department with the following:

  • Meet ACR compliance requirements effortlessly through automation
  • Improve efficiency and standardize your device QA programs
  • Be flexible to add any equipment or components and create custom tests


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AQUA™, a vendor-neutral automated machine quality-assurance platform, continued to attract significant interest from physicists and hospital administrators at AAPM in Denver, Colorado

Acumyn recently returned from AAPM in Denver, Colorado, meeting with exhibitors and attendees. At AAPM, Acumyn demonstrated the new features in AQUA™, a vendor-neutral automated machine quality-assurance platform, which continued to attract significant interest from physicists and hospital administrators.


The team representing Acumyn at AAPM included Dr. Ferhan Bulca (CEO & Co-Founder), Dr. Daniel Letourneau (CTO & Co-Founder), and Dr. Kyle Foster (Product Manager). Dr. David Jaffray (Director & Co-Founder) joined the team (see photo above).

Thank you everyone who visited, and we look forward to seeing you at ASTRO 2017!

Increase Efficiency, Automate and Customize Your Quality Assurance Testing with AQUA™ at AAPM 2017

Acumyn will be at AAPM 2017 exhibiting AQUA™ at the Elekta booth. Learn from our product specialists precisely how AQUA™ will simplify your quality assurance through AQUA™ linac connectivity. Discover how AQUA™ can improve your clinics efficiency with automation of quality assurance testing. Let us show you AQUA™’s real-time dashboard that will allow you to see the status of any machine, as well as the result of any quality assurance test. Stop by the Elekta booth from July 30th to August 2nd and discover how AQUA™ can optimize your clinic’s quality assurance!

Canadian Health Technology Recognizes Acumyn for Automating Quality Assurance

Acumyn has been recognized by Canadian Health Technology for its contribution to quality assurance in hospitals. Canadian Health Technology’s article detailed some of AQUA™’s key benefits including automating machine quality assurance tasks and eliminating paper-based check-lists. Also detailed in the article is AQUA™ Radiology, Acumyn’s solution to improving quality assurance in the radiology department. AQUA™ Radiology is currently being implemented in the University Health Network (UHN), as well as Rush University Medical Centre, in Chicago, and LISIT, in Japan, through Acumyn’s early adopter program.

Click the link and learn about how Acumyn can help automate, customize and make your quality assurance process more efficient:

AQUA™, a vendor-neutral machine QC platform, at AAPM 2016

Acumyn, in collaboration with Elekta, will be showing off a set of new features in AQUA™ to bring ultimate confidence in devices in patient care. At a time of increasing complexity of machines and strict regulations that impact clinical availability and challenge operational performance, AQUA™ delivers out-of-box TG-142, TG-51 and IAEA 398 protocols to save time and improve operational efficiency. Through real-time dashboard and data analysis tools, it helps improve confidence in patient care. AQUA™ is available to global radiotherapy clinics and hospitals through Elekta, under an exclusive marketing and sales agreement.  

Acumyn celebrates its 2nd Birthday

Acumyn_2ndBirthdayAcumyn just celebrated its’ second year of business on April 17, 2016. Those in attendance were the employees, founders and strategic partners whose hard work made Acumyn a great success over the past two years! It has been a momentous and hardworking year on all sides with some highlights including:

  1. Commercial release of AQUA to the global market.
  2. Becoming certified to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and ISO 13485:2003 Medical Devices Quality Management System.
  3. Established a global user base with cancer clinics and hospitals in the USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands and Australia.
  4. Expanded Acumyn’s office and increased its workforce to achieve the company’s business and growth goals.
  5. Secured additional funding in close collaboration with NRC-IRAP and OCE.

On April 29 we will be at ESTRO 2016 in Italy! Thank you to all those who have contributed their valuable time, skills and resources to making Acumyn what it is today.

Acumyn, in collaboration with Elekta, is launching AQUA™ 1.2 at ESTRO 2016 in Turin, Italy

Acumyn is excited to unveil AQUA™ v1.2 at ESTRO 2016 in Turin, Italy, at the Elekta booth.

AQUA™ is a complete, vendor-neutral, end-to-end radiotherapy machine QC solution. AQUA™ offers a full test suite compliant with TG-142, while offering complete flexibility to customize test protocols to meet local and individual departmental requirements. AQUA™ is a powerful vendor neutral QC software that is distributed exclusively by Elekta.

AQUA’s newest version, AQUA™ v1.2 will incorporate new features. Included in the new features are: improved Elekta linac integration, support for machine reference data, integration of seven daily QC devices from PTW, Standard Imaging and Sun Nuclear, and have customizable event notifications. For a complete list of the new features in AQUA™ v1.2, please visit our website ( For a demo of AQUA™, please visit the Elekta booth at ESTRO or contact us at

Acumyn receives ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certifications, an attestation of its commitment to world-class quality management

Acumyn Inc. is proud to announce that the company is now certified to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and ISO 13485:2003 Medical Devices Quality Management System in design and development of software to assist the safety and performance verification of safety-critical devices. The certification is provided by BSI (British Standards Institution). 

“Acumyn is committed to performing to the highest levels of quality in its operations to fulfill its promise to customers. These certifications constitute an important milestone as we continue to build a world-class company,” commented Dr. Ferhan Bulca, CEO of Acumyn.  

Certifications to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485-2003 require a thorough review of the company’s internal quality management system processes and practices by an accredited third-party organization. The review ensures that the candidate company is capable of consistently and reliably delivering products and services that meet customer’s needs and expectations. 

Acumyn develops and sells device quality control and management software platforms for radiotherapy and radiology sectors. Although recently certified, Acumyn has been operating to exacting quality standards in order to meet its customers’ needs in highly regulated fields.

New and improved AQUA™ will be showcased at ASTRO 2015



Acumyn will release AQUA™ v1.1 at ASTRO 2015 in San Antonio, TX, on October 18, 2015. The new release, developed in collaboration with Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network and Techna, delivers integration with Elekta linear accelerators, expanded image tests, and a mobile-friendly real-time dashboard among many other new and improved features. Please visit us at the Elekta booth for a demo of AQUA™ or contact to start your trial.

AQUA™ is now available in multiple countries worldwide

When you lead in a field, you are always ‘pushing the envelope’ and looking for better ways to do everything.

At Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, one of the many areas where we are pushing and re-inventing is in the use of radiation to eradicate cancer. Up to sixteen linear accelerators (valued at approximately $3 million each) are online each day along with a variety of imaging equipment. All of this equipment must be working optimally to deliver radiation safely to over 400 patients a day, with the precision needed to be effective while minimizing toxic side effects.

DANDr. Daniel Létourneau is associate head of physics at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and responsible for external beam equipment quality control at this large facility. With so many different pieces of radiation and imaging equipment to monitor and maintain, he knew there was a need for a single interface for the entry, management, analysis and archiving of all test data, and a platform that would centralize all of the quality control activities for radiation therapy.

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