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When you lead in a field, you are always ‘pushing the envelope’ and looking for better ways to do everything.

At Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, one of the many areas where we are pushing and re-inventing is in the use of radiation to eradicate cancer. Up to sixteen linear accelerators (valued at approximately $3 million each) are online each day along with a variety of imaging equipment. All of this equipment must be working optimally to deliver radiation safely to over 400 patients a day, with the precision needed to be effective while minimizing toxic side effects.

DANDr. Daniel Létourneau is associate head of physics at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and responsible for external beam equipment quality control at this large facility. With so many different pieces of radiation and imaging equipment to monitor and maintain, he knew there was a need for a single interface for the entry, management, analysis and archiving of all test data, and a platform that would centralize all of the quality control activities for radiation therapy.

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