Acumyn and PTW form Collaboration for Automated QA

Acumyn’s AQUA platform has the power to automate quality control software and hardware, which will improve efficiency and workflows in radiation therapy departments—including providing automated morning QA for radiation therapy clinics and hospitals. PTW has become one of the first dosimeter manufacturers to integrate their technology—PTW’s network-capable UNIDOSwebline universal dosimeter—with the AQUA platform to realize these benefits.

Ferhan Bulca, CEO of Acumyn, says “We believe that customers have been looking for an integrated and automated tool for routine QC, and this collaboration with PTW and their connected dosimeter is a giant step toward making those hopes and aspirations a reality.”

Bernd Allgaier, Head of Product Management at PTW quote “Our UNIDOSwebline has been the dosimeter of choice around the world from a performance standpoint, and we’re proud that including modern network features can enable exciting new applications like this integration with AQUA to automate functions within a busy clinic.-”

Under an exclusive global agreement AQUA is sold and marketed by Elekta who will be demonstrating this vendor-neutral system on their booth at the 3rd ESTRO Forum in Barcelona, Spain in April 2015. Demonstrations will highlight AQUA’s integration with Elekta Linacs, the UNIDOSwebline dosimeter as well as other QA devices and radiation therapy hardware.

Acumyn is the Ontario-based company behind the development of AQUA, an end-to-end system for managing department-level quality assurance workflows and scheduling in radiation therapy that provides a software link between the disparate systems in a department. PTW is a German-based leading provider of dosimetry and quality control equipment used in radiation therapy and other medical fields.