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Automation - Integration - Management


Intelligent QA Software for Radiotherapy Treatment Devices

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Quality Control - Assurance Testing


Personalized and Centralized Perfection

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Meet Our Team


AQUA was developed by
clinicians for clinicians
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Programmable Interface


Intelligent and Independent

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Provide Care with Confidence


Radiotherapy is one of the most rapidly evolving methods of cancer treatment

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  • Who We Are

  • Acumyn is in an exclusive distribution partnership with Elekta to deliver a vendor-neutral machine quality control and management software.
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  • What We DO

  • AQUA™ seamlessly links a range of equipment – regardless of vendor – throughout a typical radiotherapy department.

Confidence in Care

When treating patients, therapists need to have have full confidence in the equipment they use, and should have access to all device performance data whenever and wherever they need it. Acumyn is working with world-class partners in the field to make this vision a reality. We believe that all devices used in radiotherapy should operate at their top performance levels while utilizing scarce and expensive resources in the most optimal way possible. We allow for all this to happen in the background, in real time, and without any effort or intervention from users.

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  • Integration to LINAC
    & Third-Party Devices

  • AQUA comes with out-of-box integration with Elekta LINACS. In addition, Acumyn-Elekta collaboration will lead to conducting two-way communication and controls through Elekta’s proprietary interface, a feature that is not available to any other QC&M software vendor. read more

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  • Device Quality
    Control & Management

  • Device quality control (QC) is a process based on regulation and guidelines and is designed to ensure treatment quality and the safety of patients. The process involves regular thorough tests to confirm that machines are operating within their specifications and are fit for patient therapy. read more
  • EquipmentAcceptanceCommissioning
  • Department-Level Quality
    Control & Management

  • Radiation therapy is a complex process, which requires the collaboration and coordination of many professionals with different skill sets. Department-level QC&M ensures a seamless flow of information among these professionals as they follow as the AQUA workflow manager guides them through their day to day QC tasks. read more
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  • TG142 & Custom Tests

  • Task Group 142 (TG142) is a widely-accepted set of QC quidelines that are recommended for LINACS. Many clinics/hospitals implement customized QC tests and processes while trying o satisfy the TG142 quidelines. These cutom tests are often required as they satisfy specific department needs. read more

How will our products and services help clinics and hospitals?

  • We will help you realize up to a 50% reduction in time and effort while achieving a higher level of compliance.

  • We can help you achieve 100% regulatory compliance through comprehensive and error-free quality control and management (QC&M).

  • We can aid in the elimination of regulatory citation risk and potentially catastrophic oversights by using a centralized and access-controlled secure database to save, retrieve, analyze, and audit data.

  • We allow for customized QC tests and devices, scheduling of events, and status monitoring.

  • We can scale to expanding locations, devices, and procedures without adding staff.